Birds (come back to bones)


Thursday 7 November 15:15 and 20:00 - Ole Olsen, Arktisk kultursenter

A humorous and intimate duet from north of Sweden - a dance about paths crossing, leaving and returning. 

Birds (come back to bones) is an impressive performance that immerses itself in the common meeting points and particularities from classical dance and circus; the pas de deux and acro-balance. The performance is tied together by creative lifts, airy walks, elegant arms and elaborate responsiveness in a way that challenges the traditional male and female movement language. From a bird’s perspective where the motions are free and flying yet layered with constrictions in the structural movements - we travel through and around each others pathways.

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Photo: Blamorama/Marcel Köppe

Duration 40 min (no interval)

Produced by Dansinitiaitivet Concept and choreography Marie Wårell & Fabian Wixe Lightning design Maria Ros Palmklint Sound design David Björkén Trailer Linda Remahl og Gianluca Bonomo Costume Lotta Högberg Andersson AD Timo Rinnevuo With support from Norrbotten Region, Luleå Municipality and Konstnärsnämnden - the Swedish Arts Grants Committee


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