Haugen Produksjoner

Friday 8 November 18:00, Jernteppet

It is set for an extraordinary duet when the dog Hera takes the stage as a performing artist together with owner Liv Hanne Haugen.

hun&hund (she&dog) is a stage event that takes place between dance artist L. H. Haugen and her dog Hera, a rather unpredictable dance partner. The relationship between her and her dog is somewhat unusual, not only because they are now being staged, but because the dog is not subject to society's usual discipline of the species. The fact that Haugen gives Hera free rein in order to fulfil her own desire for freedom leads to her being regarded as a neglectful dog owner. This inspired Haugen in developing this event where they problematise their relationship. Hera is, for a dog, an experienced performing artist with a great talent for presence. Haugen, which in this way can be annoyed and inspired by Hera, has made the dog her master. It is these more and less successful exercises in the presence that hun&hund displays on stage, but also everyday interaction between the dog and its owner, which allows for both recognition and surprise.

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Photo: Martin Eilertsen PIXEL&PAINT

Ticket information
If you have a Norwegian Vipps: DanseFestival Barents #117954
There will also be door sales

Full price: 150 NOK
Discounted (Student/Senior): 100 NOK
Festivalpass price (if you have a festival pass festivalpass): 75 NOK

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Duration TBC (no interval)

Idea by Liv Hanne Haugen, inspired by Hera Of and with Hera & Liv Hanne Haugen Consultant, co-creator and contributer in many ways Sidsel Pape Consultant and hands-on both in general and on specific tasks Anne Katrine Haugen Assistanse in the visual and the relevant Lawrence Malstaf Thank you to big and small dogs, colleagues and friends

Liv Hanne Haugen was born in Hammerfest and raised in Tromsø. She studied at Arts Educational schools, London Contemporary Dance School (UK) and School for new Dance Development (NL).
In 2003 Liv Hanne founded the company «Haugen Productions» with her sister and colleague Anne Katrine. As a dancer and performer, she has extensive experience from the international dance scene, where she has worked with Wim Vandekeybus (BE) and Pierre Droulers (FR) among others. Nationally she has worked with Stellaris DansTeater, A. Sjølie Sveen and Hålogaland Teater. She has since 1996 produced her own choreographies across art genres and in various collaborations. She has collaborated closely with artists such as Mari Boine, Anja Kowalski (BE), Frederik Croene (BE) and Lawrence Malstaf. She works regularly with KOLLEKTIVET, consisting of T. Næss, J. Tombre, A. Sveen, L. Malstaf, where they investigate alternative forms through time-related themes. 
Based on dance, her expression spans into vocal, performance and textual work. Liv Hanne is a singer in the band "LIV" and tours in Europe and Norway with the French-Norwegian group. Liv Hanne also helped establish the artist collective.«Bains::Connective» in Brussel, and RadArt, Nettverk for Fri Scenekunst in Tromsø. She was festival artist at DanseFestival Barents in 2013. Liv Hanne Haugen has received a total of 5 years of Statens arbeidsstipend (State Scholarship) and has been employed in Skuespiller- og danseralliansen (the Alliance for Actors and Dancers) since 2018. 

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Haugen Productions was founded in 2003 by sisters Liv Hanne and Anne Katrine Haugen in connection with their first joint performance "Sisters". "Sisters" was shown 180 times, and toured with Riksteatret and The Cultural rucksack. Since then, Anne Katrine and Liv Hanne have initiated their own performances, but always in close collaboration with each other. Both have trained at London Contemporary Dance School among other places, and worked in various dance companies in Belgium and the Netherlands.

Documentaryism and fiction, rioting and abstract dance, as well as strong roots in North Norwegian identity and belonging are some of the key words for Haugen Production's artistic motivation. Inclusive work processes and close collaborations often across genres are important structures that ensure ever-new movements and expressions. A desire to be in a process, along with curiosity and interest in capturing what is moving here and now, is the most important motivation for Haugen Production's work and art. After many years in Europe, both sisters now want to welcome Europe to Tromsø by inviting other international artists into their projects.