Dreams and tears of Anna Karenina

A musical by Jasmin Hoffer and Oleg Soulimenko

Saturday 12th of November 12.00 noon, Hammerfest Bibliotek (Library)
The performance has limited capacity

Photo: dieb13

About the performance

A tour through the dreams of Anna Karenina, crashes with Dostoevsky, Tchaikovsky and Michael Bulgakov. What Leo Tolstoy did not write but Anna dreamed. In 2014 Jasmin and Oleg visited an especial musical town in the north of Russia close to the Finnish border. They figured out that playing music and Russian classical literature has a very strong influence on the life of Kandalakshian people. This inspired Oleg and Jasmin to create a musical related to the rich cultural heritage of Kandalakscha. In “Dreams and tears of Anna Karenina” Anna escapes from the moral thinker and anarcho-pacifist Leo Tolstoy and identifies her self with Nastassya Filippovna of Dostoevsky's Idiot, the Dying Swan of Tchaikovsky and Magarita of Michael Bulgakov. Storytelling songs and passionate dances awaits you!

Concept, songs, video and performance by Oleg Soulimenko and Jasmin Hoffer
Dances by special guests!
Supported by Das Land Steiermark, D.I D dance identity and ttp WUK and the Federal Chancery Austria.

Duration: 60 min
The performance is in English.