Do you want to connect with me

Titta Court

Dance artist Titta Court will be moving around Hammerfest town on streets, shopping malls, shops, parks and cafes inviting people to connect via bluetooth to her speaker and play their favourite music for her to make a dance. The spaces and people of Hammerfest will turn into poetry of dance. How does it feel when somebody makes a dance especially for you?

Photo: Jaakko Heikkilä

Titta Court is Tornio based dance artist who has been working as a dancer, choreographer and dance teacher since 1991. Site, situation and audience, collaboration and improvisation are key to her work. Titta has produced work for numerous public spaces, factories, private homes and nature not to mention stages and venues across Finland and the extensive Barents Region. Titta holds MA in Dance (1993) and is certified teacher in Skinner Releasing Technique ™ (2011). Titta Court has been nominated The community dance artist of the year for 2014-15 in Finland."According to the Community dance association of Finland the immediacy and ability to listen the other person, strong ethics, following her own path and diverse collaborations with different communities and individuals describe Titta Court."