Festival Party

Saturday 12th of November from 21.30, Jernteppet
Come celebrate the amazing festival, talk about your experiences, give us feedback and prepare for one more day of dancing!

Meri Nikula will play Vocal Mosaic at Bakteppet 10 p.m.

Vocal Mosiac

Meri Nikula

Saturday 12 November 10 p.m., Bakteppet

About the concert

Vocal Mosaic 
is the basic musical concept Meri Nikula uses for solo voice work. It is a way of composing the music she creates. She uses only her natural  voice, without words, in layers. Each sound becomes a little piece of the mosaic. In the same way you can use many kinds of colours and materials in a mosaic, her voice has different musical colours and textures that can be put together to create a whole image.

She has also been experimenting with a new music genre, Global World Music. No words, no instruments - only One Human Voice. Inspired by all (and none) vocal traditions in the world. 

Photo: Dagmara Wojtanowicz