Lulleli exhibition

Norwegian Landscape theatre

During the festival, Gjenreisningsmuseet

About the performance

August 13th 2016, something amazing happened at an amazing place; a choreographic party to celebrate the worlds northernmost lighthouse at Ingøy: Fruholmen fyr! The performance Lulleli for Fruholmen fyr, brought together artists, choirs, musicians, children and locals with 400 audiences to celebrate a once in a lifetime experience. Never before has so many people been gathered this far north, out by the ocean, to celebrate the arts, the landscape, the history and none the least, the worlds most peripheral points. An it became a great party!

In this exhibition you may see the remains of the party, dream back to the experience or simply try to understand what a Lulleli or a choreographic party may be. Together with Dansearena nord, the Norwegian Landscape theatre has compiled this exhibition which shows documentation from the happening together with reflections and thoughts around how choreography and stage arts may be created at a small island with 20 inhabitants at 71 degrees north. 


The Norwegian Landscape theatre onsists of a group of three choreographers (Ingeleiv Berstad, Kristin Helgebostad and Eivind Seljeseth) and a director (Tormod Carlsen) who met during their studies at the Art Academy in Oslo and found a shared interest in landscape and the performative expression. Lulleli for Fruholmen Lighthouse was the group's first collaboration, but they have all worked together in other projects earlier.

A Lulleli does not create itself, so Norwegian Landscape theatre have been reinforced with administration, and artistic and academic muscle. On the artistic side is Hammerfest damekor, Hammerfest musikkorps, Havøysund kulturskole, dancer and choreographer Elle Sofe Henriksen, actor Jørgen Knudsen and costume designer Fredrik Floen. Dansearena nord facilitated with administration and supported the project with residens- and production support.