Noise Control

Mari Bø / Silje Solheim Johnsen

Saturday 12th of November 2 p.m. and 4.30 p.m., Bootleg

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Photo: Erik Ruud

About the performance

A dark room.
Hypnotic electronica music
five dancers
A forest of speakers
You can choose to look, listen, dance
Let yourself be carried away

In Noise Control gets the crowd moving into an exciting soundscape, where they can explore different sounds, dancers and scenography.

The installation is found in a large empty room, where light, motion and sound creates the overall experience. Using sound showers, a variety of mini speakers and more direction oriented speakers, the sound the audience hears change as one moves in the room.

Listening is a basic prerequisite for music experience, both in private practice and as a self is public. Listening is a prerequisite to understanding music, and Noise Control explores how sound can also affect how one understands movement.

The various dancers style backgrounds, be it jazz, break dance, modern and contemporary dance, is prominent and they relate to the same electronica music.

Audience: Students in high school and up


Artistic directors and choreographers: Mari Bø and Silje Solheim Johnsen
Composers: Gudmund Østgård
Performers: Åsne Storli, Bao André Nguyen, Maria Landmark, Mari Bø, Silje Solheim Johnsen and Gudmund Østgård.
Lighting design: Torbjørn Thrane Sandnes
Scenographer: Mari Lotherington and Eirik Velum Vagli Østbye