Oppdageren (The Explorer)

Silje Solheim Johnsen. In collaboration with The Cultural Rucksack

Tirsdag 8 - torsdag 10 november, School performances

Photo: Gjertrud Irene Kalseth

About the performance

Oppdageren is a dance solo that comes unexpectedly into the classroom. The solo has no scenography, lighting or other stage elements. The dancer only works with what is found in the classroom, and she can fit in a school bag. During the performance the audience will have the opportunity, through various simple and concrete tasks, to describe the dance that goes on in the classroom. Oppdageren is a notion of body parts, bones, and is a journey of discovery outside and inside the body. The production is also about different ways to make dance, and how to use your imagination when watching dance.

Choreographer and dancer: Silje Solheim Johnsen
Director: Anne Mali Sæther
Music: Anthony Barratt
Supported by: Tromsø Kommune and Dansearena nord