Kjemi (Chemistry)

Små Grå og Kim Hiorthøy

A choreographed improvised concert - voices and use of space

Sunday 13th of November 2 p.m., Martha Andersensalen, Arctic Cultural Centre

About the performance

"What are we doing? Much is built around an idea of ​​cause and effect, but it is still difficult to get a proper overview. And then you meet those guys. And as you stand there, while the eyes are working properly and all the elements involved in his. "

You might be surprised, you might be happy, touched, or a bit confused. Probably it will be an experience out of the ordinary. Små Grå has made chemistry together with the artist, choreographer and film director Kim Hiorthøy. The four singers Nina Benedikte, May Elise and Ingeborg offers all up this evening and will sing, dance, talk with and improvise to the public.

Kjemi premiered at the Ultima Festival last year. These are some of the audience members said after the show:

Theatre Producer Guri Glans:
"..... Association rich, beautiful and different, truly a little gem of a show."

Singer Halvor Festervoll Mehlien:
"..... The combination of deep understanding of different styles of music, virtuoso performance and sauntering, everyday presence on stage resulted in a performance that was among the best on the programme during this year's Ultima Festival."

Duration: 50 min.


Choreographer: Kim Hiorthøy

Members of Små Grå:
Benedikte Kruse (Pitsj) 
Nina Mortvedt (Band of Gold) 
Ingebjørg Loe Bjørnstad (Hæm)
Mai Elise Solberg (Ontz, Hanne Hukkelberg)

Supported by FFUK og Norsk Kulturråd